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Mr Steele Freestyle Finals World Drone Prix 2016

This is my finals freestyle flight from the World Drone Prix 2016. After figuring out that I made it into the Freestyle finals, I had about 12 hours to come up with a way to make my flight stand out for the judges, whom were all very skill and well know 3D helicopter pilots.
I asked Tommy "UmmaGawd," to help with music Ideas for my run. After combing through Tommy`s playlists I stumbled upon this song. At the time it suited my mood perfectly and make the decision to use it for my run later that day.
Leading up to the Freestyle finals I had a huge smile on my face and was in a world of bliss listening to this song and preparing myself for one of the hardest freestyle comps to date, not only was I going up against some of the best pilots in the world, but the judges were hardcore and the flight environment was a place no one had flown before.

This flight was made up as I flew, based on an over all picture that I wanted to paint using the song as my reference.

After a week of stress and little sleep the moment I took off, my mind went blank, in a state of true Bliss. In that moment I remembered what it was like to let your mind go and let the moment take over. At the end I was almost in tears at how perfectly things had just clicked into place, everything I could have imagined could happen happened.
In that moment I was calm, with a smile from ear to ear as I knew what it meant to be amongst true friends.

I would like to thank everyone I met in Dubai, pilots, locals, event staff, construction workers, Bus drivers, and many more. This was an experience of a life time and it will be locked in my memory forever.

Thank you to the Rotor Riot Crew and all the Locals for making this experience so much more unforgettable.

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