FPV Maiden Flight Footage Of The RTF 5.8G Hubsan H122D X4 Storm Beginner FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter

This video is the FPV Maiden Flight Footage of the RTF 5.8G Hubsan H122D X4 Storm beginner FPV racing drone quadcopter. It is a fun little platform to learn how to fly FPV once you have developed basic flying skills with other multirotor drone RC aircraft.

Click here for current pricing on this beginner FPV racer: http://bit.ly/2GLxvkw

My FPV Equipment:
Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles: http://bit.ly/2N1LgNs
ImmersionRC SpiroNET V2 5.8GHz Patch FPV Antenna: http://bit.ly/2N0tdrg

Here are the FPV Maiden Flight notes for this Hubsan FPV Drone:

- 5.8 GHZ FPV and works with Fatshark FPV Goggles and that is what I used to record the FPV footage of this flight
- Smooth flight, but didn`t seem as smooth is it was LOS
- Quality carbon fiber frame
- Comes Ready To Fly (RTF) with everything you need in the box for a very fair price
- It carries a micro SD card for onboard footage and records 720P HD video
- Comfortable radio feels great in my hand
- The flight times are very good
- It has an out of range buzzer built onto it and it auto lands in that scenario
- Two high performance flight modes
- A push button flip function

- Having to flip up that monitor holder on the radio to know if it is off or on.
- Its range behind you is quite limited, so keep it in front of you.

This is by no means my first Hubsan Drone and every one I have reviewed has been impressive. They are the Hubsan X4 Pro H109S GPS Drone, Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone, and Hubsan H502s X4 Desire FPV Quadcopter.

This is how Banggood describes this FPV Race Drone:

Brand: Hubsan
Item No.: H122D
Item Name: Hubsan H122D Micro Racing Drone
Material: Carbon Fibre
Motor: Coreless
Quadcopter Size: 112.5*111*62mm (3.7 inch X 3.7 inch)
Weight(Including The Battery): 116.5 g
Max take of weight: 0kg
Battery: 7.6V (2S) 710mAh Lipo.
Camera: Built-in 720P HD Camera
Flight Time: Around 6-8minutes
Charging Time: 150 minutes
Max Flight: 100±10 meters
Memory card: 4G TF card.
Max support: 1- 32GB card class 4 (not included )
Transmitter: 2.4GHz Bluetooth TX
4 LED indicators & Rubber feet
4.3inch LCD Screen(Goggles Version)

Function: Flips & Rolls, Low Battery Protection, Compatible With Fat Shark


Mini Size
Mini size allows you to fly indoors or within limited space.

2.4GHz TX
2.4GHz Technology Adopted for Anti-Interference.

5.8G FPV
5.8G high frequency images transmission gives you every perfect moment of the captured pictures at time.

720P HD Camera
Built in 720P HD camera are tuned amazingly to capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky.

3D Roll
Aerobatic flight of continuous 360-degree rotation towards various directions

Low Battery Protection
When it’s running out of power, the drone will automatically return and fall in take-off point.

Package Included:

Standard Version:
1 x Hubsan H122D Racing Drone
1 x Transmitter
1 x 7.6V 710mAh Battery
1 x Charger
4 x Blades
1 x Manual

Goggles Version:
1 x Hubsan H122D Racing Drone
1 x Transmitter
1 x 7.6V 710mAh Battery
1 x Charger
4 x Blades
1 x Manual

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Hubsan H122D X4 - обзор и полеты

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