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Eachine E013 Review - Complete Beginner FPV Setup

£50 FPV gateway drug from Eachine. Crikey.
FPV is becoming more accessible every week with excellent brushless sub 100mm quads for under £100 and superb brushed quads for under £50. Eachine took this price point and with their fantastically popular E010 and added a 3 gram cam/vtx and a set of budget FPV box goggles making the entire setup affordable to any budget. For anyone wanting to dip their toe into FPV in the comfort of their own home and garden, this is going to be a perfect setup to satiate that desire without breaking the bank, researching compatible equipment or learning any setup procedures of more advanced models. It`s cheap, relatively robust and very easy to work on with enough RC and video range to not feel limited.
If however you are sure FPV is for you, I would strongly recommend you consider saving a little more and go for some goggles with diversity, ability to adjust the fresnel lens back and forth to get stress free focus and of course a DVR if you plan to watch back any flights or share with others. It also gives you the opportunity to watch back the video if you should crash somewhere outside you cannot easily see as there`s no buzzer.
I`ll make an update video when/if I get the very odd and confusing video issue sorted but if you can spread some light on that one i`d love to do a channel giveaway and get this in the hands of someone who hasn`t tried FPV but would like to.

E013 available as model only or full setup with goggles for only £50 on sale at the time of writing.

The upgraded lipos I used after the first flight were JJRC 30C 150mah and seem to be a good balance and fit perfectly.

There`s actually some 45C versions of these now coming in just slightly cheaper still. https://www.banggood.com/5PCS-Eachine...

The goggles I am using with diversity, DVR, good lens adjustment and a battery that will last all day instead of just a few flights. Well worth the extra cash. https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-VR-D...

If you need cheaper, I would at the very least get the diversity version with some decent antennas as that really will make the experience easier with far clearer video, better range and better penetration. You are less likely to want to upgrade later this way and resale is also much easier should you want to eventually upgrade.

If the idea of a box on your face drives you crazy, Eachine now have a more traditional compact setup you may want to have a look at. You are now of course talking double cost of the model instead of similar value to the E013 setup so only you know what`s right for you.

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