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AuroraRC A100 1S Micro Brushless FPV Racing RC Drone w/ F3 OSD BLHeli_S 5A 48CH 25mw VTX 600TVL PNP BNFRealacc Real3 250mm Wheelbase 4mm Arm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for RC Drone FPV Racing 130gEachine EV800 5 Inches 800x480 FPV Goggles 5.8G 40CH Raceband Auto-Searching Build In BatteryRealacc Handbag Backpack Bag Case with Sponge for Frsky Taranis X9D PLUS SE Q X7 Transmitter for RC DroneRacerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2300KV 2-4S Brushless Motor Red for 220 250 RC Drone FPV RacingEachine Tiny QX95 95mm Micro FPV LED RC Racing Drone Quadcopter with i6 Transimittervs RTF  Ausek AT-38 4K 170 Degree Ultra HD Wide-Angle Waterproof WIFI Sports Action Camera BlackOmnibus F7 Pro Flight Controller Built-in Dual Gyro AIO OSD Current Sensor and LC Power Filter for RC Drone

Your first FPV Racer - Hubsan H122D X4 Storm

Drone Camps RC review of the Hubsan H122D. A great choice for a first time FPV racer quadcopter.

Easy to charge, plug in, and fly. Enjoy the full review and flight tests.

Links below of recommended parts and battery sizes :

Buy the Husban H122D X4 Storm RTF Bundle here :
Link here : http://bit.ly/2N0OSzf Coupon Code : rc18off

Recommended 2S batteries below :
2S 500mah 30C Battery Link : http://bit.ly/2N124Et
2S 550mah Battery Link : http://bit.ly/2N0mrlg

Husban parts, accessories, and quads :
Link here : http://bit.ly/2N38mmW

Links to some of my hobby favorite radios, batteries, etc below :

Justin`s Favorites :

My Hobby Radio of choice : FrSky Taranis X7 below.
Black : http://bit.ly/2uxqC1n
White : http://bit.ly/2KRdfj1
New Blue Taranis X7S version here :
Carbon fiber X7S : http://bit.ly/2uvw5pw

My favorite race quad battery.
Tattu 4S 1300mah Lipo Battery here : http://bit.ly/2sU1xMu

Economy priced 4S 1300mah battery here :

My current favorite 5" racer quad props : Emax AVAN Tri-Props :

My drone landing pad of choice here :

My Fatshark HD3 Goggles of choice here : Use the code : RC18OFF

Economy $50 pair of googles that have two diversity antennas. Great for the price.

My favorite micro brushless quadcopter is the Emax Babyhawk :

Disclosure : I may be an affiliate of any product shown or tested here on the channel. It may have been free or given to me by a discount. Either way. It is my duty to you the viewer to give an honest, unbiased opinion on an item. I’m pretty straight forward. If something sucks I will let you know. If you choose to purchase a product from a link here I may benefit from a small commission. Or may not if it is a company who just sent it for a one time review. I don’t get paid for making a video. So to those of you who do support the channel I want to say thank you in advance. Please subscribe and I will keep up the great videos for you guys!

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