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Сравнение FPV камер - Sparrow 2, Eagle, Monster, Predator

Табличка сравнений камер:

  • 01:45 - Sony 600 CCD legacy
  • 03:10 - Predator Vs Sparrow 2
  • 03:49 - DVR: lowish light performance
  • 04:36 - DVR: Predator Vs Sparrow 2 flight
  • 05:27 - Predator Vs Sparrow 2 conclusion
  • 06:00 - Monster Vs Eagle
  • 08:06 - DVR: Monster Vs Eagle
  • 09:14 - Eagle settings menus - great!
  • 10:32 - Conclusion and summary

Micro Eagle - http://bit.ly/2DZR0DJ, https://goo.gl/umMy7L
Micro Predator - http://bit.ly/2CCy4Kq, https://goo.gl/JcQVwX
Micro Sparrow 2 - coming soon
Mini Monster - http://bit.ly/2DJMGrw
Micro Monster coming soon
Foxeer lollipop - http://bit.ly/2MfdAgk

First off, all these cameras have an excellent FOV. If there`s an option, you want the wider/shorter lens. These are the very best cameras we have today and it`s extremely unlikely for an off brand camera to be as good since they all buy the sensors from Surveilzone and throw their own electronics behind it.

Sony 600 CCD
If you have a Micro Swift or Micro Arrow, you are really not missing out on a whole lot. The new cameras are still pretty poor quality by modern standards due to analog signals but there are some gains to be had. I say, keep what you have but If you`re building a new quad, don`t get any old Sony 600 CCD camera. If you`re using an old larger standard HS1177 or mini cam, do yourself a favor and get one of the micro camera options below.

Micro Eagle
A bigger sensor and higher quality lens give it significantly improved clarity and crispness. It does not have the best dynamic range, but has the best overall image quality by a notable margin. Your settings will matter in order to bring out the best in this camera. The ability to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 as well as invert the video are very convenient. Other excellent setting menu options such as a selectable range of WDR and sharpening options round this out as my favorite FPV camera that exists today. It`s not even a close call but this is also the most expensive option. Other detracts include a massive frikin lens to smash easier and 3g more weight due to the giant lens.

Micro Sparrow 2
This camera is very similar to the Micro Eagle, slightly less clarity, slightly worse dynamic range, slightly longer light/dark transition times and 4:3 only. The view is still very similar to the Micro Eagle in 4:3 and so I would recommend it to someone that wants a higher resolution looking, crisp image but wants to save a few bucks, a few grams, or just doesn`t want a giant lens to smash easier. This is the second sharpest micro camera after the Micro Eagle (tied with the Mini Monster in sharpness). It also has the ability to invert the image but some of the other settings are a little cryptic to understand. You will need to mess with them in order to get the best image.

Micro Predator
The shining feature of this camera is the HDR. That`s HDR for HIGH dynamic range. No other micro camera has HIGH dynamic range, they have wide dynamic range. There is zero light/dark transition with the Predator because you can always see everything in good light at all times. This camera also has the best low light performance as far as my tests showed and the lowest latency too. It is not as sharp as the others in this group however it`s still SIGNIFICANTLY better than a Sony 600 CCD so nothing to fret over. If I was a racer, this would be my choice and I wouldn`t even bother trying anything else. You feel like you`re the Predator from the movie `Predator`....which is why I named it Predator when they asked ;-). It turns planet earth into a video game.

Mini Monster
I had high hopes for this as I have been consulting for Foxeer for a while now and asking for the Micro Monster for over six months. So they gave me a Mini Monster...? While the full size Monster V2 was excellent and this Mini Monster is very much the same quality, the Micro Eagle has really redefined what is possible and the Monster looks somewhat dull with poor contrast in comparison. It still provides an image almost as sharp as the Eagle and has lower latency, but the colors just don`t pop and you miss the clarity of the Eagle when you compare them side by side. I`ve asked Foxeer if things will change with this camera moving forward and they said they would rework the camera and tweak things to achieve a better quality image for the Micro version and future Mini versions. If the Micro Eagle didn`t exist, I would be torn between this and the Predator as my top choice camera. The HDR of the Predator really is amazing and the Monster just doesn`t have the same dynamic range. This Mini Monster and the Micro monster will not invert image and only do 16:9 btw.

My settings for the Micro Eagle:
Max Gain - 7
WDR - 6
Brightness - 28-32
Detail sharpness - 2
Edge sharpness - 2
Saturation - 14

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